This Really Didn’t Have a Title

I’m starting to feel like NaBloPoMo is becoming a sort of diary entry for everyday. Is that weird? It’s probably because I’m not used of actually making myself take time to sit and write about something. Regardless, I’ve nothing to complain about, and I will continue to post something for every single last day in this month, and hopefully even after that.

Sitting in my room and I’ve been graced with the presence of a riled up 2 year old and my 16 year old baby sister. The scene is pretty chaotic, but in the most glorious chaos you can think of. That’s what we function on; chaos. It’s perfectly normal to have Aliyah running around with markers coloring everything in sight, including your bedspread, all whilst having someone yell up the stairs and someone else holding a phone conversation with two different people. No one misses a beat, not even me, and I’m so grateful for all the awesome crazy we share with each other.

The Originals came on tonight at 7pm, and thank God for DVR because I definitely would have missed it by now. Point is, it’s my current obsession and it’s the only thing I look forward to early on in the week. Monday’s may suck, but Tuesdays, Tuesdays are magical.

“There are fights for being my best friend and the girls get their claws out. Something about hanging out with the wicked kids”


What a musical little genius that Lorde is. She’s adorably cute and completely admirable for being only 16 with such meaningful and artistic lyrics.

Pretty sure I’m out of thoughts to share with you guys! It’s dang near 9:00–I’ve got to do something more productive other than writing my NaBloPoMo post.