Beards and My Little Pony

Ok, horrible as it is, I’ve missed a day of NaBloPoMo yesterday. Sucks to suck, I know, but in my defense, I was having a rough day. I wasn’t feeling too well, and the most I had managed to do for the whole day was lay in bed and watch episodes of The Office and New Girl on Netflix. Ah, I did also get around to straightening my crazy hair, but even after that was over with I was exhausted. In a nutshell, I just needed some good ol’ rest.

I probably shouldn’t be allowed near a stove. I basically suck at cooking. Literally less than a minute ago, I had to jump up off of the couch that I was and am currently sitting on to take rice off the stove that I forgot I put on–40 minutes ago. I’m pretty sure it’s edible, because you can’t really burn rice–I don’t think–and it seems to look fine. Eggs and most breakfast food, I can manage. Dinner and other things, not so much.

Do I have any insightful words of wisdom tonight? Yeah, probably not. All I can think about at the moment is: eating, watching the newest episode of The Originals, and getting to bed early. What I will do for you guys–or whoever it is that happens upon my page and actually decides to chance it and read my shenanigans–is list 5 things about myself that may or may not be so obvious. [:

  1. Everything I do, I do with my daughter’s best interest in mind. I constantly remind myself that I want to be someone that she admires, can trust and confide in, and want to be like. She literally, is my complete world.
  2. I’m almost sure that I need to work on the whole “patience is a virtue” bit.
  3. There is, and always will be something about a man with a beard or any kind of scruffiness/facial hair to him that will make me want to marry him and have his children. That’s extreme, I know, but this is an extremely serious situation for me.
  4. I may possibly enjoy My Little Pony just as much as my almost 3 yr old daughter does–and that’s saying a lot, because she loves that show.
  5. Helping people is one of the things that has always made me happy and feel content with myself. I’ve got a huge heart full of compassion and will go to the ends of the Earth for the ones I love and care about.