Shattered Screens and Secret Santa

Holy Jesus, I’m about to let myself hit the 2 day mark for missing a post during NaBloPoMo! I can NOT let this happen. Of course I wait until the last minute in the day to write something, but better late than never I’ve always heard them say!

Yesterday was the second time that I missed a post for this month, and that was only because my daddy pressured me into watching “The Heat” with him, which most evidently was hilarious, so I don’t have too many regrets there. I do want to keep myself in the habit of writing enough every day that I don’t even think about it anymore, I’ll just do it! Also, I’d like for everyone to make note of the fact that it is a tad bit complicated finding the perfect amount of time in a day where I work for 8 hrs and then coming home to a rowdy 2 year old (awesome is another good adjective to use as well, but rowdy is the one that causes me the most trouble) It gets a little crazy for me every now and then.

Let’s see what’s been going on these past few days:

  • Completely shattered my iPhone 5’s screen yesterday morning trying to rush into the door for work so I wouldn’t be late. Being on time totally wasn’t worth it. At all.
  • Also happened to break my favorite necklace the same night, which brought me to wondering if there was some bad omen I was supposed to be sensing. Hopefully not.
  • Today was my mom’s birthday, and I’m crappy enough of a daughter to not have gotten her a birthday gift because all of my bills, plus the shortage in my check from this pay period wouldn’t allow it. Sucked. It’s one of those times when I get to thinking “Does there come a point in time when certain things that used to be so important are no longer worth being important anymore? Do we just pick ourselves up and move forward because that’s the way it is?” Hmmm.
  • Electric Feel by MGMT will always always put me in an awesome mood, and I automatically think of my best friend Jaybren. Thought you all should know.
  • We drew names at my job today for Secret Santa. I’m probably one of the few overly excited employees who will take this Santa business waaaayy out of hand, but who cares? It’s freaking Christmas, and everyone deserves to be happy and cheerful! It’s my favorite holiday also, so, I’m a little biased about the whole situation.
  • I decided that Applebee’s is not worth half the money I spend there, and I should be more interested in making healthier decisions.