A Small Momentarily Moment

It’s 3 ‘o clock while I’m here sitting at my job, listening to a playlist of what sounds like sunshine and blue clouds on a perfect summer day. And in this moment, for a small momentarily moment I’m content. I’m not sure how long it’ll last and, honestly the length of it doesn’t matter, just that I get to remember that in the midst of what can seem like the most uneventful of days, there’s still joy. It’s everywhere; joy. You can find it in anything, anywhere if you seek it out. I don’t always choose to do that—sometimes it seems easier to sulk in your miseries. What’s the point of it though, to remain so unhappy and feeling as if you’ve lost faith in the world and yourself, when you can choose the exact opposite! If you’re feeling bad about something, take a simple moment to do something that gives you that momentarily happiness until you find that you’re constantly able to make yourself happy at all times! YOU, not someone else. Ironically enough, this doesn’t always mean running off to the Bahamas for a week long vacation. As nice as that sounds, I’m sure most of us aren’t able to drop everything going on in life to up and leave just because we’ve had a bad day, much less afford it! There’s simpler ways though, don’t get discouraged!

How to boost your mood:
Smile! [:

Listen to happy, upbeat music

And then dance! Even at work! Move yourself out of your funk and into something better

Sketch. Even if you’re not “artistic”, because everyone has some sort of creative bone in their body, and art is never wrong! It’s simply based on how you feel and what YOU want to create! If you’re angry, sketch it! And it may not look pretty or presentable but, now you’ve transpired all of that anger onto a page that can be kept or thrown away. It’s all up to you!

Did I mention dancing already?

Ok, well sing! Anything! But, belt it out and sing it like you’re doing karaoke or American Idol or something!

Hang out with friends, or people, anybody really. Suggest a group of you go to the movies, or bowling. Something that gets a group of people together where you can all share in the same fun activity! Someone’s bound to be hilarious, it could be you.

Read! And I mean books. They’re actually very interesting for the most part, and it’s so easy to lose yourself and become a part of something that you can make perfect in your mind. It’s wonderful.

See, it doesn’t have to be something so complicated to make you feel a little happier. Joy is in everything, just look for it hard enough. You can find it, grasp it. Don’t make it so hard and tell yourself that you can’t be. Open your mind and your heart to free itself from such discouraging things and want your happiness. If you don’t want it, how will you find it?


Orders of Business (Not Really…)

Considering all things, I am in an unreasonably good mood (at the moment anyhow), so I’m going to take all these positive endorphins and put them to use! I have things to say, events to update you guys on, people to talk about! EXTRA EXTRA: READ ALL ABOUT IT! (and I might just make that the title of this post, not too sure yet)

First order of business:

Aliyah got her body cast removed Wednesday morning!! And let me just tell you, I was way beyond excited; obviously right? Everything was supposed to be smooth sailing after this. Was being the key word, because turns out, she needed to get a “cautionary cast” put on the same leg, seeing as it wasn’t exactly the way the doctor was hoping for it to be. Now look, I’m fine with all that! Put as many casts as you need to on my baby to make sure you get it right and that her leg is perfecto! What I’m not to jazzed up about is the fact that the longer she keeps getting casts put on her leg, the longer I’m being kept away from home. Honestly, I’m not really the one to be a crybaby about missing my mommy and daddy, but guess what? I freaking MISS my mommy and daddy!!! And my sisters! Oh my dear old baby sisters (technically they’re not babies, but sheesh, gimme a break, I miss em) who I never thought I would actually say I miss this much! I’m definitely just ready to be home with my family. “There’s no place like home”, I feel you on that one for sure Dorothy. Can I borrow your ruby red slippers, if you don’t mind?

I think it’s simply the fact that I feel so comfortable with my family, and happy. They encourage me when I need it, cheer me up when I’m sad, take my side even when I’m wrong. And here, I just can’t expect people who haven’t known me all my life to pick up on that. I do have Brittany though! My cousin who’s definitely been helping me keep my sanity through all of it, so I am grateful, I am! Just not what I’m used to. Definitely thrown out of my comfort zone and into a different place.

Second order of business:

Who’s ever had a UTI?! Make sure you leave a comment, because I am definitely going to be interested in the responses after I get done talking about this! Point being, I freaking have one myself. Being the rebel I’ve always been though, I did not take the antibiotics the dr prescribed me. Why? Um, they were horse pills number one, and two, they made me feel like a crazy, sick, insane person! Who wants that crap? And besides, did you know that taking antibiotics weakens your immune system? Plus, if you happen to be on the Pill, go ahead and have sex if you want while you take those stupid things, because guess what, you’re gunna have yourself a bouncing baby boy/girl in approximately 40-42 weeks. No, I have not experienced this particular scenario, but I hear about them all the time on 16 and Pregnant. My sweet bouncing baby girl came by the luck of the Irish I suppose. One hook-up and BAM! there I was preggo my eggo! Anyways though, the thing is I didn’t take that stupid poison except, now it’s starting to bother me, the UTI that is. Well guess what, handy dandy google is always there for a friend in need, and helped me it did! I decided that since I am obviously not going to be taking any kind of dr prescribed medicine that I would simply beat this thing the homeopathic way; all natural baby! So here’s what I’m doing

  • 6-8 ounces of pure cranberry and blueberry juice mixed together daily
  • at least a cup of pineapples (and I don’t exactly know what a cup of pineapples is, but I’m guessing) for the vitamin C
  • plenty of water

And that’s about it really. The berries are supposed to relieve pain and cleanse your system, which trust me, it has been “cleansing” my system pretty darn well. The pineapples are simply for the vitamin C, which kills the bacteria in the urinary tract due to the acidity, and the water, well just because water helps everything, and it’ll help flush all the bad stuff out too. I’m going to put some links to the websites I found all this grand information on just in case somebody else out there has a UTI and needs a little bit of help! You never know! And I’m too nice a person to leave an unknown person out there in their misery!

DIY: Treating UTI’s!



Third order of business: I have this idea, so I’m going to tell you guys about it! I’m thinking for every day I could post a song of the day. You know, just a little something to broaden you guys’ horizons, get you up on your feet, or maybe just to sit and think. Just something different for you all to hear every day. Also, I can’t simply influence the whole world if the whole world doesn’t even know that my blog exists. With that being said: I need help! If you are reading this tell somebody to tell somebody that I’m awesome and that they’re missing out on life. Kidding! Seriously though, I’d like for more than just my mom and dad to be the only two people interested in what I have to say!

I’m going to post the song of the day in a post all on it’s own, FYI!