Setting Goals

As much as I love writing, I don’t do it nearly enough. Work and motherhood always get the upper hand and I chalk my excuses up to that and call it a day. But what good is it, for me, if I let my creativity die for nothing?

Well, I can’t have that! So, instead of finding more excuses to come up with, I decided to join this blogging 201 sort of class to keep my scatter brained butt on track.

I’m setting goals people! I’m setting goals for myself, and more specifically so, for where I want my blogging to take me.

I’ve always thought of my blog as a series of adventures that I’ve gone on and shared with the world. It’s never the same story twice and there’s always a different feel to it. I feel like I collect my memories on a shelf there and I place them inside glass balls for everyone else to see; whether it be bad or good. There was never a specific reason as to why I created my blog other than the simple fact that I love to write and I’ve always seen myself as an open book. I’ve always felt that I wanted to share a piece of myself with the world. Pieces that could only be seen and heard through words. So, in order to keep that dream alive and kicking I’m going to have to make some things happen:

1. Blog/write, at minimum, twice a week to create a steady habit for myself and to keep my creative juices flowing and nurtured.

2. Actually gain about 100 consistent readers and receive actual feedback from “regulars” I want to acquire regulars.

3. Interacting. I’ve got to get better at it. I’m going to interact with 5 people/bloggers minimum during the week.

Trying to keep up with this isn’t gonna be a slice of Apple pie or anything, but it’s certainly well worth it! I’m gonna make this happen. Let’s DO THIS!


Free Range

Write for 20 minutes and see what we come up with hmm? Not really sure how interesting this could be, but I’m giving it a go because I really am excited about starting the Writing 101 course!

I should be doing homework for my dental assisting class. Especially considering the fact that I’ve got a 7 week old newborn and a 3 year old on my hands. Yes, it’s a busy life, but I’ve learned that we always find time for the things we love most.

Trying to write in a free range of thinking is tough. My brain runs in 15 different directions at 125 mph and by the time I get to the word or phrase I intended to use, it’s become something completely different. Then, of course, there’s that whole situation where I go back to re-read what I’ve written only to find out that I hate it. The backspace button and I have a very familiar relationship.

So, this is a pretty intriguing exercise for me–being free in what you write. It’s almost like learning to cope with that weird adolescent stage when you feel awkward no matter what you wear or who you hang out with. You have to learn to find your own voice and become completely confident in it. There’s this raw feeling of satisfaction when you can take away all the rules you’ve made up in your head–the ones that hold us back and block out the real creativity we’re longing to reach–and you just let your fingers fly across the keyboard or scribble across the lines and paper of your journals without ever having to look back–no second guessing!

Writing 101, bring it!

Heiress; in the Creative Sense

Welcome to Week Three of the month-long Carnival of Creative Mothers to celebrate the launch of The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood
by Lucy H. Pearce

Today’s topic is Creative Inheritance. Do read to the end of this post for a full list of carnival participants. 

Join the Carnival and be in with a chance to win a free e-copy of The Rainbow Way! Next week is our final week!
December 11th: The Creative Process.


I’ve always known that I had a creative soul. Since I can remember I’ve always been drawn to unnatural things that I could see beauty in, but no one else could—or wouldn’t try to see it at least. I’ve taken art classes since I was in middle school through high school, and photography and writing, I’ve always been passionate about. These things, they fuel my creativity, and once I get started it spreads like fire.

Honestly, if I could have it my way, I’d spend all the time I had outside, trying to embrace nature all around me, finding pieces of life and joy in the small gifts that Mother Nature sends us—the changing of leaves during the change of seasons, butterflies, flowers, trees, etc. So much of it we take for granted, but for me, it inspires me. Creativity inspires me to express life! I want to share with everyone how much life you can feel just by understanding the creative side of yourself and expressing it!

I’ve never been one to get straight A’s in school. Math and Science well, you can kiss my butt. English, History, and Art, why hello! I use that part of your brain that they say thinks more creatively—I don’t remember if it’s the left or right side, not a smarty pants remember? Point is, I’ve got this huge part of my brain that I basically use just to be creative; not such a bad deal.

Took me until I was maybe 16 to learn a few interesting things about my family but when I finally did, oh man was I interested! My grandmother on my father’s side was the first cousin to Etta James—yes the singer—and she was also an amazing singer herself. I loved her so very much, and she was my favorite grandparent—if anyone’s allowed to have such a thing. I found out that my grandfather on my father’s side as well, was also very much into photography—guess I know where that comes from now. He had so many cameras, and there’s so many pictures that I’ve seen from those days that were taken by my dad with those same cameras and it intrigues me to know that all these things that my creative soul craves, it comes from my bloodline. It’s something I was born to yearn for, and it inspires and enlightens me.

I love that there’s some part of my family that shared the same passion that I have for creativity, they had as well. I’m not sure of the other parts of my family, because we’re so big. There could be so many other missing pieces to our creative puzzle, but what I know now, it only astounds and astonishes me. Being a mother now, I do my best to instill creativity into my daughter. We walk outside and admire the trees. When night falls, we search for the moon in the clouds and sometimes she finds her faster than I can myself. We sketch/color together. We dance—and not that choreographed mess—I’m talking move your body all over the place, hands in the air, spinning around until you fall down, kind of dance. It’s liberating, and freeing. I’d never want to push or force her into wanting to embrace her creativity, but I can nurture it while she’s still young and hope that she comes to appreciate the beauty of it all, and be grateful for it in the end.


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  • Carnival host and author of The Rainbow Way, Lucy at Dreaming Aloud celebrates her creative fairy godmothers, and gives thanks for the creative blessings that each has gifted her.
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If I Could Have Your Attention…

I somehow only feel my best whenever I decide to creatively inspire myself. Not a bad route to take if I must say so, and it’s a much better alternative rather than saying something like I only feel my best when I’m smoking crack–which I don’t, I’m just using an extreme example. I’m constantly looking for and finding ways to stretch my creativity so I can in turn inspire others to want to find their own.

I stumbled upon a blog post that shared the thoughts of this mom and author, Lucy H. Pearce, who undoubtedly intrigued and moved me to want to participate in her really cool blogging carnival. She’s releasing a new book called “The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood” and I can’t say she didn’t catch my attention. I just discovered all of this today so, I don’t have too much information on everything but I will post links for anyone who wants to check her out or sign up for the carnival–I did.


Cultivating Creativity is the blog about Lucy and some info on the book she’ll be releasing and you can go here to sign up for the blogging carnival–which I’d suggest for any mom who’s interested in writing and up for being creatively inspired.

I’ve sat in bed for at least 2 hours now reading, writing, and listening to music. You’d think I’d get my butt up and do something else, but what else? There’s nothing better than being able to be at home during the weekend knowing there’s no real responsibility that you have to worry about other than simply enjoying yourself. We should probably petition for 3 day weekends–no work on Monday’s, let’s have the week start on Tuesday’s; nobody hates Tuesday.

Needless to say, I literally would sit here for hours upon hours only writing and listening to the Dave Matthews Band–they too, also happen to be one of my top favorite bands; number one actually–but then I’d probably be upset with the fact that I stayed holed up in the house all day. Who am I kidding? I’m definitely not going to be upset. If anything, I’ll continue to stay holed up in the house all day eating popcorn and catching up on all the shows I’ve missed during the busy work week. Let me list them for you!

We’ve got:

  • Vampire Diaries
  • Reign
  • The Originals (I’ve already watched this weeks episode, but it was too good to not re-watch)

That’s probably only a good 2 hrs worth of TV time, which isn’t so bad. I do need to be sure that there’s plenty of popcorn though. I’m almost certain I’ll be having a little person joining me for the festivities!

I really do hope that you guy’s check out the links I posted this time around! You won’t regret it! Enjoy the weekend and all the holidays that are coming up. I’m way too stoked!