Embrace Thy Family: The Eleventh Commandment

My, oh my! I’m telling you guys right now, if you don’t already, cherish your family. You should have the greatest appreciation in the world for them. I know everyone has that moment when they’re like “there’s no possible way in the world that I’m related to these people.”, but trust me, that crazy uncle that gets too drunk at all the holiday functions, or the aunt that acts like she’s one of the kids, that’s what sets you apart from every other family in this world and you should embrace every part of it. It actually kinda makes you cool!

The amazing thing about it is that no family is the same. You obviously already knew that though didn’t you? Just like no two people have the same DNA, no two families are ever going to have the same dynamics. That’s why I can’t seem to understand why people strive to have this “normal” family that in no way exists at all. What exactly is normal? Like, someone go ahead and define that for me. We know that you think your best friend has the most put together family “like, ever!”, but I almost guarantee your best friend wishes for an ounce of ridiculous dysfunction to spice up her boring family’s “put together-ness”.

You’re all probably like “What IS she rambling about?! She knows nothing about my family.”, and of course you’re right! I’d be some weird stalker type person if I did, and quite honestly I don’t even know who all reads my blog which would make that situation a whole lot more creepier. I do know though, that everyone at some point in their life sometimes wishes they had a different family, or are at least positively certain that they were snatched by the wrong family in the hospital, so now they need to go on this amazing odyssey where they’ll find that they were actually born into this amazing/perfect family that they’ve dreamed up in their mind. Right, keep dreaming sweetie. 

The point of all this, is that I just want you guys to embrace all that craziness, weirdness, boring-ness, all that extra “ness” that your family was specifically designed to have, and just LOVE it! Love all of it! I’m 21 years old and I’m just learning to do this. It’s hard when you’re a teenager and you think you know everything and mom and dad are just “absolutely horrid” and they “never ever everrr” understand you. That’s how I felt at least, anyway. But I’ll tell you this, growing up and actually having to be a mature adult, you learn to look at things in the right perspective. Any different perspective beside your own is always a good thing to explore, and when you learn that your’s isn’t always the right one, you enable yourself to grow and become a better person. (I swear if one of you guys take that and make it a quote for facebook or twitter or instagram you better cite that properly and slap my name at the end of it. I know it’s amazing.) When you learn to do that, you’ll understand, and you’ll be able to embrace your family for exactly who they are, not who you want them to be.

My family is simply one of the most amazing gifts that God himself could have chosen to give to me. Yes, we have our issues. Yes, dear lord, they drive me to wits end sometimes, but at the end of the day blood is blood and we share it together and I couldn’t have picked a better group of people myself.



(left to right) Jessica, Aliyah, myself, Jamee, Mom, family friend, Dad