If My Life Were A Playlist

When someone asks you what your favorite song is or takes an interest in the genre of music you listen to, let’s not kid ourselves, we get a little giddy and excited. Music is one of those universal things that will always bring people together no matter the differences, and when someone is genuinely interested we feel like we get to open ourselves up without fear or judgment and share a part of ourselves that can’t be spoken because it’s only expressed through the instrumentals and voices of others.

I’ve always taken to music for any aspect or situation in my life. If you want to know my hobbies and interests I’m going to tell you, without even having to think, art and music. The creative soul that lives inside my flesh knows without a doubt that the two go hand in hand, intertwining each other to bring the same result of an equation I’m always searching for the answer to.

Because music is so revolutionary and profound it has a way of touching people. Sometimes you aren’t expecting it, and to me that’s the best way to be touched; not expecting it or realizing what’s happening. You only know what you feel in that moment and your soul becomes so full. Sometimes that’s the only way to explain it. Those are the songs you never forget, the ones that you hold with you until the end of everything, because to you they are everything. I have a small handful, but today I’m going to share three of those songs with you guys. Maybe you’ll take an interest yourself and open up a whole new world in the universe of music to discover. That’d be the best thing I could wish for anyone!

•Fix You|Coldplay
I can’t tell you that it’s a happy memory or feelings that this song gives me, but instead a feeling of release. When I was 15 years old I lost my cousin and very best friend in a very tragic kind if way. I was so young, confused, and hurt with physical and spiritual pain that I don’t think I fully understood how to deal with it. After weeks of crying and sitting in my room alone with thoughts that only brought more tears and sorrow, I came across an MP3 player that had been hers while we were in high school together. As I’m flipping through all of the songs I see the song by Coldplay. I remember kidding with her saying that no one listened to this band because they weren’t as cool as all the other pop sensations at the time. But this time, I plugged in my headphones, fool a seat in the middle of my room on the floor and wept while I listened to the words of this song. It was about being found even though you felt hopelessly lost, about someone being there with a light on to guide you out of the darkness. For me, that’s what that song was: being able to release and find a sense of healing. She sent me that song in the exact time that I needed it.

•Strawberry Swing|Coldplay
This song in particular was with me when I was pregnant with my first baby girl, Aliyah. I was only 19 years old when pregnant with her and it wasn’t an easy path to travel. Feeling alone in everything I had to go through, that song was my reminder that what I was dealing with didn’t matter for the sake of myself, that it was all for her. No matter what it looked or felt like, I wanted to always be her hero; the person she could turn to despite any circumstance. This song kept me in a place of self-assurance. For that, I am in love with every word.

Ironically, while writing out these songs, I was actually unaware that all three of them would be by Coldplay but, here we are. Every song that held an ounce of importance to me came from these guys.

I realized I was in love when I first heard this song. I had no idea that I even was until that day when he asked me to listen to it and I realized it was everything we were. Being in love was a cliché but it was the best, and here was this song that put us into words that we couldn’t say ourselves.

Music has always been everything for me and it’s always been with me.