Rainy Days Kick My Butt

Well, it’s day 5 for NaBloPoMo and I’ve realized that this year it’s a little more challenging keeping up with my posts than last year. Last year I only had one kid; this year I have TWO! And there’s nothing wrong with that! Just a little more time consuming [;

Regardless, I’m sticking to it! At the same time, I’ve also put myself up to the photography101 course through the daily post. I absolutely love it! I’m just praying I don’t kill myself with all the challenges I’ve laid out for myself.


Today’s prompt for the #photo101 course is water

As you can see, it’s been raining here in Texas today. ALL day. It was one of those days at work where I had to literally force and will myself to stay awake. I drank Dr Pepper and cups of coffee back to back for at least an hour. Even though it’s the worst kind of weather I hate to be in it’s also the best kind of weather to calm me down and soothe my soul. It’s a huge contradiction for myself, but at least I can own up to it ya know?

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the rest of my evening is going to be spent at the local Starbucks while I mull over a cup of caramel brûlée and a thick book of dental assisting lessons and tests. I’ve got my final left to take, and I’m as anxious as ever. That being said, this post is coming to an end. I promise to try and give you guys something more entertaining than just listening to the rambles of how my day went and yada yada ya. Until then, I hope you all choose to stick around! [:


Kicking Off NaBloPoMo

Guess what guys? It’s that time of year again! No, I’m not quite talking about Christmas yet. I’m thinking more like NaBloPoMo!

I did pretty good with it last year and it was so great to feel convicted to write because I knew I’d dedicated myself to something. This year I’m doing it all over again. Which means, a ton of posts from me and a ton of posts for everyone to read!

I’m not sure how much different it’ll be, because I will have to do everything from my phone, and quite honestly it’s just not the same as putting my fingers to an actual keyboard. I feel a tiny bit less motivated when I know I’ll have to mull over my phone just to push out one post, but you’ve gotta use what resources you’ve got right?!

Well, with that being said: let’s kick this thing off! I hope to meet and read with plenty of new bloggers! Good luck everyone!

Sunny Days; Sweeping the Clouds Away


Oh my goodness, today has to be one of the most beautiful Saturdays. Sunlight is shining through every single window in the house and I feel warmth and happiness!

I woke up and decided that myself and Aliyah needed a mommy-daughter hang out session so, we’ll be getting our fix for that at the movies today–we’re going see frozen [: she’s super excited and can’t wait–probably due more to the fact that I told her she could have popcorn and candy. Regardless, I can’t wait to hang out with her, she always brightens up the day! If I’m lucky, I can get her dressed in time to snap some pics of her outside in this beautiful autumn weather before the movie [: I really do hope everyone’s enjoying their holiday weekend! Positive thoughts to you all [:

Quick Fix

First things first. Yes, I went “Black Friday” shopping on Thursday–at Target to be specific. Do I regret it? No. Do I consider myself a selfish, ungrateful, self absorbed person? No. I simply went for one thing and got exactly what I’d been wanting for almost a year now; a DSLR. A Nikon D3200 that also happened to come with an extra lens for a very inexpensive price. I was beyond excited! Sure I happened to do a little Christmas shopping for the kiddo and parentals too; couldn’t hurt anything.

Thanksgiving was a success as well! We hand a handful of family come in town for the holiday and that was nice–we hardly get to see them because we all live so far away. Plenty of food, plenty of laughs, plenty of quality time–somewhere in between all of that was work today as well. Nothing to complain about though; we were extremely slow.

I am having a slight bit of difficulty with my computer here lately and it’s driving me crazy–like to the point of where I won’t even get on and write a post. My Netflix is acting jank, my posts won’t let me add media or save a draft; the browser just spirals into infinity and never stops. It bothers me. I intended to post some photos from Thanksgiving but alas, I cannot. I’m really hoping to figure out whatever it is that’s going wrong–or find someone to figure it out for me, at a steep price I’m sure. Regardless, the frustration has set in, and tiredness is upon me. Anyone with ideas or suggestions, feel free to post comments!

The Other Side

There’s another part of me that’s rebellious and defensive, blunt and coarse, crazy and erratic. I crave it sometimes. It allows me to be detached from reality and something about that comforts me in a very distorted way.

I think more than anything, it’s a defense mechanism–and I can’t explain to you how, you’d have to sit me down with a psychiatrist to figure that one out–but it happens. I feel in control when I feel like I can shut things out; or off, however I’m having to deal with it. Being unstable is the worst. I have to be in control; always.

I like the other side of myself. She’s crazy and wild; too carefree. She jumps for the thrill of falling.

She keeps me strong, and she steps in when I become too fragile to handle everything else that becomes too much. She picks up the dead weight with the flick of her hair while wearing leather jackets and black knee high boots. She gets her hands dirty, brushes it off, and still walks off looking as if nothing had ever touched her. Oh, she wears red lipstick too. Not the bright red kind, the blood red kind.

I may be completely crazy; I understand this. I won’t apologize for what keeps me sane though.

This is just the other side of me.

I was never insane, except upon occasions when my heart was touched.” -Edgar Allen Poe



Sensibly Senseless

It’s almost becoming ridiculous that I keep letting myself fall short with the whole remembering-to-post-everyday situation. It’s not that I don’t want to, just that I’ll either forget or let time slip away from me. Nonetheless, I refused to let it happen tonight.

Myself and a group of friends went to the premier for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie last night, and all I can basically tell you is: OUTSTANDING! That movie did the book so much justice that I was almost too shocked to find how pleased I was by it and how well they did with following it all. The ending was even great! Not what I expected, but it definitely left you amped up and ready to set a few things on fire in the name of justice. I loved every moment of it! A must see for readers and fans, and even those who may not have been a fan before, after watching you will be.

Work was busy today, of course, it’s Friday. Won’t complain, because it could have been much worse. I got to hang out with my dad at Starbucks, and then with my sister and Lu at Texas Roadhouse. Not too shabby for a Friday night if I must say so myself. I need to remind myself to go shopping for my secret Santa–first gift goes out next Friday. I also need to stop by the mall and get my screen replaced on my phone (remember the one that shattered) because it’s definitely time–I can hardly text a word without seeming like I’m intoxicated.

And now I’m thinking that I could probably go to bed right now, because I am extremely tired–I’ve been wanting to pass out all day. I’ve got a hair appointment at 9 am and I need to be on time, because something must be done to this head of mine. Hoping you all are having a great weekend! They’re way too short, so make the most of em.