Free Range

Write for 20 minutes and see what we come up with hmm? Not really sure how interesting this could be, but I’m giving it a go because I really am excited about starting the Writing 101 course!

I should be doing homework for my dental assisting class. Especially considering the fact that I’ve got a 7 week old newborn and a 3 year old on my hands. Yes, it’s a busy life, but I’ve learned that we always find time for the things we love most.

Trying to write in a free range of thinking is tough. My brain runs in 15 different directions at 125 mph and by the time I get to the word or phrase I intended to use, it’s become something completely different. Then, of course, there’s that whole situation where I go back to re-read what I’ve written only to find out that I hate it. The backspace button and I have a very familiar relationship.

So, this is a pretty intriguing exercise for me–being free in what you write. It’s almost like learning to cope with that weird adolescent stage when you feel awkward no matter what you wear or who you hang out with. You have to learn to find your own voice and become completely confident in it. There’s this raw feeling of satisfaction when you can take away all the rules you’ve made up in your head–the ones that hold us back and block out the real creativity we’re longing to reach–and you just let your fingers fly across the keyboard or scribble across the lines and paper of your journals without ever having to look back–no second guessing!

Writing 101, bring it!


2 thoughts on “Free Range

  1. Have you heard of doing Morning Pages? It is when you just write first thing in the day to clear your head and get it all out. A concept I read about it the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It is one of my creative touchstones, that book. Gets me through some tough creative days. 🙂

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