Sensibly Senseless

It’s almost becoming ridiculous that I keep letting myself fall short with the whole remembering-to-post-everyday situation. It’s not that I don’t want to, just that I’ll either forget or let time slip away from me. Nonetheless, I refused to let it happen tonight.

Myself and a group of friends went to the premier for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie last night, and all I can basically tell you is: OUTSTANDING! That movie did the book so much justice that I was almost too shocked to find how pleased I was by it and how well they did with following it all. The ending was even great! Not what I expected, but it definitely left you amped up and ready to set a few things on fire in the name of justice. I loved every moment of it! A must see for readers and fans, and even those who may not have been a fan before, after watching you will be.

Work was busy today, of course, it’s Friday. Won’t complain, because it could have been much worse. I got to hang out with my dad at Starbucks, and then with my sister and Lu at Texas Roadhouse. Not too shabby for a Friday night if I must say so myself. I need to remind myself to go shopping for my secret Santa–first gift goes out next Friday. I also need to stop by the mall and get my screen replaced on my phone (remember the one that shattered) because it’s definitely time–I can hardly text a word without seeming like I’m intoxicated.

And now I’m thinking that I could probably go to bed right now, because I am extremely tired–I’ve been wanting to pass out all day. I’ve got a hair appointment at 9 am and I need to be on time, because something must be done to this head of mine. Hoping you all are having a great weekend! They’re way too short, so make the most of em.


2 thoughts on “Sensibly Senseless

    • Yes! The movie was brilliant! I’ve read all the books as well and absolutely loved them. As a fan of the book you’re really going to love the movie! It surpassed all expectations I had for it!

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