Free Positive Thoughts

Let’s talk about being positive and grateful for a little bit shall we. With the holidays fast approaching, it only seems appropriate.

photo 3

I can’t recall where I actually saw this but, I thought it was a pretty brilliant thing to share. FREE POSITIVE THOUGHTS just to carry with you through the day, and guess what? I’m almost sure you can take more than just one! [; I think the individual thoughts are a little hard to read, so being the nice person that I am, I’ll type them out for you guys! I’d try to take one “thought” per day and reflect on it until I was satisfied with myself enough to move on to another positive “thought” to work on. If anything, I’m always wanting to better myself as a person


  • I communicate with love
  • Every moment is a profound opportunity
  • Consider how very fortunate you are
  • Give yourself the gift of being joyfully you
  • Complain less, breathe more
  • Be a part of life, not afraid of it
  • Make the choice to let go of negative thoughts
  • Let be, let go, let see, let flow
  • You are a walking breathing wonder
  • You have a beautiful soul
  • Give thanks for another day of loving

Enjoy [:


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