101 Vultures; Not Dalmations


The very first time I ever heard this song, oh my gosh, I almost thought Alex Winston herself had reached insisde the very core of my soul, took the feelings of pain and distrust I’ve ever had towards anyone and put them into this ridiculously, beautifully, mesmerizing melody of regret.

Every single lyric is so sharp and biting–definitely not meant for those who are easily offended. She speaks so clearly of how disappointed and let down she is by this person.

“We could have done better, we should have done better.”

“My God, it’s so perverted, to call yourself a legend.”

“I’d never met a hero, who would leave you in the trenches”


She has no regrets in being harsh about how she’s chosen to handle the situation and even goes on to let this person know that they’re no different from all of the other disappointments she’s dealt with–they’re all the same 

“And I don’t mean to be so crass about the situation, but it’s easier than breaking down…in a sea of mother fuckers, man, you were no salvation.”

(Like I said, not for the easily offended.)

Regardless, Alex Winston has made this masterpiece of a song and I couldn’t help sharing it with everyone else.


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