You’re Stupid.

Well, this is not a proper way to start anything off, but at the moment I’m just not really caring. I was going to actually write a nice post about, oh I don’t know, my day or how happy and excited I am that my baby girl now has her body cast off, and I believe I’ll get to that in just a minute, but here in this particular moment I am actually quite pissed off (not a very lady like word, excuse me.)

The reason I seem to have my panties in a bunch is because of a dear old friend of mine. Well, someone who I thought was a friend of mine. How is it that you try to get in contact with someone you’ve known for years and then they just completely and out rightly ignore you? I’m missing a memo here. I must be, because never in my life have I acted this rudely towards someone. It may seem that I’m exaggerating but let me just draw out the picture I’m looking at here:

  • contacted on facebook=post deleted
  • call to wish happy birthday=no reply
  • post on fb to wish happy birthday=”thanks”
  • pictures of us in school together on fb=deleted
  • called again just to be sure she’s ok=no reply

So obviously I can take a freaking hint. And I’m fine with the fact that you may not want me to contact you anymore or the fact that you just don’t ever want to speak to me again, but my issue is simply the fact that you are being a complete and total asshole about the situation at hand. Be a decent human being, grow some balls and open your mouth and express what’s on your mind, because if you couldn’t tell I, too now have plenty on my mind as well.

And now that I’ve said everything that I need to say I am washing my hands with you and calling it a day ma’am! For all the things that we’ve had to go through, and that we’ve done to each other (because neither of us were innocent. We both screwed each other over pretty damn well) I’m not understanding your perspective. Not that it matters to me now anyhow. I’ve accepted the fact that we will just never speak again and I really do hope that’s what makes you happy at the end of the day! Good day, and enjoy your life!





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